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AGS AM 2009 programme


The Alliance for Global Sustainability  is a partnership of four scientific and technological universities – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The University of Tokyo, Chalmers University of Technology, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and their associated partners. It was formed in 1997 in the conviction that closer collaboration amongst some of the world's leading research institutions would lead to faster progress towards sustainability.

Sustainability pledge of the AGS Annual Meeting 2009

The AGS Annual Meeting is distinguished by its commitment to sustainability values. The conference organisation has set targets to minimize the environmental footprint of the event.

The programme offers a mix of keynotes, panel discussions, topic speakers and workshops on the Urban Futures themes, as well as highlighting the role of universities as models for a sustainable society. It kicks off with the Student Summit for Sustainability S3 organised by the World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD), and the AGSME 2009 workshop on global modeling.

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Monday 26 January

Student Summit for Sustainability S9:00-17:30 Audimax

The Realistic Side of the World: Sustainable Development and the Role of Economic and Political Institutions. S3>> watch the videos>>

Civilizing the Market Economy: the Approach of Integrative Economic Ethics to Sustainable Development. Peter Ulrich, University of St. Gallen.

Peak Oil: a Turning Point for Mankind. Colin Campbell, Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas.

Sustainable Investment for Quality of Life. Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter, Forma Futura Invest Inc.

Democratic Software - the Implications of Open Source in Society. Aaron Seigo, KDE e.V., Open Source Desktop Environment Project.

AGSME 2009 First International Workshop 10:00-17:00 ML E12 (ETH central campus)

Mission Earth - Modeling and Simulation for a Sustainable Future

Guided tour of ETH Science City campus 14:00-16:30

Visit this flagship project of ETH, aimed at developing a sustainable campus, with innovative ground energy storage and state of the art zero carbon emissions building.

Evening welcome reception 19:00-21:00 CHN Lichthof

Showcase of sustainability at the ETH; World Student Community market of ideas

S3 welcome party 21:00 onwards

Tuesday 27 January

AGS Annual Meeting 2009. Urban Futures: the Challenge of Sustainability

8:30 Welcome and opening address by ETH president Ralph Eichler
8:45 KEYNOTE: Sustainable Urban Futures: Challenges and Opportunities for  Academia. Lars Reuterswärd, UN-Habitat 

9:30 KEYNOTE: Universities as a Role Model for a Sustainable Society. Hiroshi Komiyama, president of the University of Tokyo.

10:30 PANEL: Pathways to sustainable energy systems: How does energy research offer pathways to transform energy systems for sustainability?

13:30 S3 KEYNOTE: Petro-imperialism - Geoeconomics and Great Power Strategy. Andrea K. Riemer, Austrian Institute for Strategy and Security Policy.

14:30 - 16:30 Parallel sessions:

PANEL A:  Pro-poor urban futures in developing countries.

PANEL B:  Transforming the building stock for sustainability.

17:00 - 18:30 Parallel sessions:

S3 PANEL A:  Open access publishing: new avenues towards a sustainable dissemination of knowledge.

WORKSHOP B:  Generating change at universities for reducing CO2 and ecological footprint

WORKSHOP C:  Global knowledge networking supporting sustainability - next steps.

Wednesday 28 January

8:30 KEYNOTE: Global Change in the Urban Century. Nancy Grimm, Arizona State University

9:15 KEYNOTE: Turbulence Ahead: dynamics shaping (and occasionally confounding) local energy and climate planning efforts. Stephen A. Hammer, Urban Energy Program, Columbia University

10:30-12:30 Parallel sessions:

PANEL A:  Urban ecology and environmental impacts

PANEL B:  The challenges for institutions and policy.

13:30 S3 KEYNOTE: A Systemic Solution for the Economic Crisis. Bernard A. Lietaer, Center for Sustainable Resources, UC Berkeley.

14:30-16:30 Parallel sessions:

PANEL A:   Size, shape and the sustainability of cities

PANEL B:   Urban Futures: happiness, mobility and society.

17:00-18:30 Poster session

19:00-22:00 Conference dinner and best poster awards

Thursday 29 January

9:00 KEYNOTE: Open City: Designing Co-existence. Kees Christiaanse, architect, Network City and Landscape, ETH Zurich

9:45 KEYNOTE: Vision for the Future of Cities in the Ecological Age. Peter Head, director of Arup

11:00-13:00 PANEL: Urban Futures: how are AGS universities tackling the challenge?

Side event 14:00-18:00 ETH HG F1

Sustainability economic hubs - from Masdar in Abu Dhabi to a Swiss hub in Dübendorf

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