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Teaching Materials for Secondary Schools

The CCES@School initiative supports the transformation of scientific topics of CCES projects into teaching materials for science education at secondary school level. To ensure high quality of the teaching materials, co-operations with various learning science institutions have been established. They ensure that the teaching materials meet the standards of current empirical research on learning and instruction and result in synergies for all partners – access to up-to-date research results for the learning science institutions, instructional support and high quality of teaching materials for CCES partners.

Here you find excerpts (in German) from the teaching units, developed in cooperation with the MINT Learning Center of ETH Zurich

The use of these materials is related to an introductory course at the MINT-Learning Center at ETH Zurich. Information and course registration:

Poster "River Restoration" prepared for the CCES Conference 2016 (PDF, 272 KB)

Poster "Landscape Genetics" prepared for the CCES Conference 2016 (PDF, 419 KB)

Poster "Geothermal Energy" prepared for the CCES Conference 2016 (PDF, 222 KB)

Poster on CCES@School prepared for the CCES Conference 2014 (PDF, 267 KB)

Digital poster on CCES@School (PDF, 982 KB) prepared for the first Global Conference on Research Integration & Implementation; Canberra, September 8 to 11, 2013, and online

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