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To ensure high quality of the outputs, co-operations have been established with several learning science institutions.

MINT Learning Center at ETH Zurich

The MINT Learning Center of ETH Zurich develops, empirically tests and disseminates teaching materials for science education by providing the following information:

  • Suggestions for the organization of lessons, precise descriptions of the learning goals, the required prior knowledge, as well as students’ misconceptions that may result in difficulties of comprehension;
  • Pre- and post-tests to evaluate students’ conceptions and learning progress;
  • Introductions to lessons based on cognitively activating phenomena triggering students‘ learning motivation and demonstrating them the limits of their own knowledge.

The MINT Learning Center also empirically evaluates the quality of the new teaching materials. Quality-proved materials will be disseminated by seminars for science teachers.

Teachers' Colleges

Teachers’ Colleges provide pedagogic support to ensure the quality of the subject-teaching methods and the development of adequate teaching materials. In the first project round the Teachers’ Colleges of Berne and St. Gall are supporting the initiative with know-how and with in-kind contributions.

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