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CCES Conference 2016 «Grand Challenges in Environmental and Sustainability Science and Technology»


The 6th CCES Winter School «Science meets Practice» successfully concludes for 2016


The CCES data platform for environmental research becomes the long-term WSL Envidat/OSPER infrastructure


CCES Conference 2016, "Grand Challenges in Environmental and Sustainability Science and Technology"
February 10 and 11, 2016. More Information; Abstracts of the Presentations; Impressions & Videos

A follow-up workshop, co-organized by the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) and CCES, analyzed the science-policy interface on November 6, 2015 at ETH Zurich. Key results can be found in the workshop's synthesis. More Information

Animation The overall strategic goals of the Competence Center Environment and Sustainability of the ETH Domain (CCES) are to foster major advancements in research; to establish the CCES partners as international and national focal points for environment and sustainability; to achieve a long-term structuring effect lasting beyond the completion of CCES; to establish a strong wide-ranging education and outreach program; to achieve a visible societal impact with a focus on socio-economic implementation.

The CCES implementation is based on

A. Research areas and research platform Swiss Experiment

CLENCH - Climate & Environmental Change

FEH - Food, Environment & Health

HazRi - Natural Hazards & Risks

NatuRe - NaturalResources

SuLu - Sustainable Land Use

Research Platforms - Swiss Experiment

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CCES Winter School

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CCES is largely based on the long-range re-orientation and focusing of the critical mass and excellence in science and engineering already existing at the partner institutions. Activities follow a three-part scheme, with contributions from the ETH Board, dedicated resources by participating institutions, and third-party funding.

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