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There is a need to coordinate, integrate, and improve the methodological tools and specialized equipment operated by experts in several fields, through the development of research platforms. Two platforms have been supported so far by CCES. The research platform Swiss Experiment/OSPER brings together field measurements with cyber-infrastructure and has expanded its interaction with CCES projects and its integrative role for CCES as a whole. Seed funding for one year has been provided to the Genetic Diversity Center, supporting research on all aspects of genetic diversity.


The Open Support Platform for Environmental Research (OSPER) will take forward key components developed under Swiss Experiment and develop them further into a data infrastructure for the 21st century. The continuation will have a clear focus on providing the technology for environmental data and metadata management, targeting support for CCES projects and the institutions involved. The OSPER project will therefore not try to cover the full data life cycle from sensors to data analysis but try to optimise the second part, namely data storage, management and exploitation with a special focus on data interoperability and documentation.

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