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CCES Conference 2016 «Grand Challenges in Environmental and Sustainability Science and Technology»


The 6th CCES Winter School «Science meets Practice» successfully concludes for 2016


The CCES data platform for environmental research becomes the long-term WSL Envidat/OSPER infrastructure


How can scientists lead a fruitful dialogue with people and institutions outside the scientific community? This is the topic of the CCES Winter School «Science Meets Practice».

The Winter School provides insights into theoretical and methodological foundations as well as hands-on experience in communicating and interacting with stakeholders outside academia, and is primarily aimed at PhD students and postdocs from environmental and natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences working on topics relevant for sustainability and sustainable development.

Applications for the next CCES Winter School in 2017 will open soon. Please check this website in late July 2016.

If you wish to be placed on a waiting list to hear news of future Winter Schools, please fill out this form. Thank you!

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Digital poster on the CCES Winter School prepared for the First Global Conference on Research Integration and Implementation,, Canberra, 8-11 September 2013


To learn more about the CCES Winter School, watch the videos produced by participants of the year 2012, 2013 and 2014.

CCES Winter School Group 2013
CCES Winter School Group 2013
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